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FLASH FACT: Abin Sur has lost everything he holds dear to help Earth, but in the end, there is one last thing he can do – if only he has the will. 
Abin Sur is determined to help save Earth from the war that’s ripping it apart. But first he’ll have to protect himself from Sinestro, who having learned of the Flashpoint prophecy, is hell-bent on killing him. And with his power ring’s charge running out, what extremes will he have to go to in order to save the planet Earth from total destruction?
Having severed Abin Sur's hand, Thaal Sinestro declares his intention to save reality, a plan that involves killing his fellow Green Lantern. With his willpower, Abin summons back his lost ring, along with a prosthetic energy hand. He proceeds to destroy Sinestro's power ring, and chaining him in his place. Abin plans to save Earth, and informs the Guardians about Sinestro's betrayal. When the Guardians find out that Abin has not yet retrieved the White Entity, and that Abin accuses them of feeling fear, they cut off his ring from the central battery, so that it will pass to a new Green Lantern of Sector 2814 once Abin's charge depletes. 
In England, Abin Sur joins Cyborg's fight against the Amazons and Atlanteans. When the same Geo-Force device that sank Europe activates again, threatening to sink the whole planet, Cyborg orders Abin to stop it. Abin tries, but his ring's charge depletes. Believing himself to be dead, Abin encounters his late sister Arin, who instructs him to embrace his destiny as the host of the White Entity of Life. She tells him to go save the Earth, and Abin is shown trying to stabilize the planet at the end.

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A Hero's Journey Ends 0

After a series full of action and drama, Abin Sur's journey ends in this magnificent issue. Abin, even after losing his hand, manages to defeat Sinesto, who, no matter the universe he is in, is still a self-righteous monster. However, even after he tells the Guardians about what happened, the Guardians still want the White Entity and do not care about Earth's fate. But in one final act of defiance, Abin joins Cyborg's forces in the final battle of the Amazon-Atlantean war.  I like how this issue...

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