peteparker's Flashpoint #4 - Flashpoint: Chapter Four of Five review

Can't we just continue with the Flashpoint universe?


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    Not quite as good as the past 3 0

    Disclaimer: This is my first time reviewing so bear with me. I'm gonna borrow the sites main system for this one because it works well for organizing my thoughts  What I liked: So far Flashpoint has been my favorite big event in a while. It's been well written, well thought out, and has a great flow to the story.  Reading this it's clear that the Geoff Johns and the other writers working on the Flashpoint Tie-ins could probably start there own continuity just focusing on the history and characte...

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    Dull Before the Storm 0

    I'm losing interest in Flashpoint. It isn't the tie-ins, it isn't the art (which isn't my style but it's consistant), I think it's the writing. I usually love Geoff Johns but I don't think Flashpoint is his best work. At issue four of five I think I should be on the edge of my seat but I still feel like I'm in first gear. I think the major problem is that the story focuses on too much of gathering the team up to fight instead of dealing much with the Zoom/Flash conflict (Barry seems to lay out a...

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