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FLASH FACT: The war between the Amazons and the Atlantians has arrived. The battle between Diana of Themyscira and Emperor Aquaman will tear this world apart – unless The Flash can fix it!


Flashpoint #4 starts in Fawcett City as Eugene, Pedro, Darla, Billy, Mary, Freddie watch the president addresses to the people it was wrong to have hope in the super-humans. The teens argue on what to do next.

In Coast City, Hector Hammond readies a custom F-35 for Hal Jordan. Hector berates Hal for having a smug smile across his face, Hal tells Hector he knows what the stakes are, but he can't focus on the fear or he''ll go hide.

In Metropolis, Batman, Barry and Cyborg try to fend off the security from the Superman facility. Then out of no where Element Woman, Emily Sung douses the security with gas, and she brought extra juice boxes. As this team discuss their next move, Barry is hit with a surge of memories, until Batman gives him an anti-epileptic so it slows down the electrical activity in Barry's brain.

In Fawcett City, Pedro, Billy, Eugene, Mary, Freddie, Darla and Tawny continue to argue their next move. Billy says they need to stop the Atlanteans and the Amazonians. Then Batman, Emily Sung, Cyborg and Barry burst into their home. They ask Billy to help Barry with his mental deterioration. Then Billy sees himself in the other universe, where he saw hope. Then they tune in on the news in which they hear that Hal Jordan has been confirmed as a casualty, and a giant tidal wave has hit the U.K. Then Barry takes Thomas into the kitchen saying they have to stop them. Thomas argues it's all going to be wiped away, Barry contests he could forget everything and they could fail to stop Thawne, and if they do they will have to be stuck in this world. Thomas says either we change this world or we let it burn in hell. Flash tells Cyborg to round up the resistance, and the kids decide to join. Batman just stands there, until Flash remarks "Bruce would've come." Thomas then decides to join.

In New Themyscira, Element Woman, Flash, the Shazam kids, are all in Thomas' jet. As Aquaman and Wonder Woman fight, the kids turn into Shazam. Captain Thunder attacks Wonder Woman. Flash tries to reason with Aquaman, then the Enchantress betrays everyone by splitting the kids from Captain Thunder. Wonder Woman notes he's just a boy but goes on and kills him. Then Thawne comes back and taunts Barry on what he did.

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Flashpoint: Flashpoint really likes annoying me! 0

Despite this being an enjoyable event Flashpoint continues  to kill off my favorite characters I don't know why but they just have everyone of my top 3 heroes have been killed. Plus it didn't help with this one I was spoiled before hand accidentally because I was on the Dc Message Boards and went on to a thread which had absolutley no mention of Flashpoint or that there were SPOILERS at all and the mentioned a certain characters death so here I will mention it when you see *SPOILERS* turn you're...

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Woah! 0

The penultimate issue of Flashpoint has arrived, and boy is it awesome.  If anyone has complained about the series not having enough action they should definatly read this issue.  So at the end of Flashpoint #3 we saw Barry, Thomas, and Cyborg at the wrong end of a bunch of guard's guns, and in this issue we see the likes of Element Woman resuce them.  I'm not sure how I feel about this new character yet, although I can say she is the happiest hero I've seen in the Flashpoint universe.  As the i...

4 out of 5 found this review helpful.
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