gordon_kelly's Flashpoint #3 - Flashpoint: Chapter Three of Five review

FlashPoint:Part 3

I enjoyed this series of FlashPoint. It was so cool that Barry Allen got his powers back and became the Flash again and Tomas Wayne:Batman helped him and got Cyborg and the team to find Superman underground.  
I find this series awsome to read and everyone should pick this issue up and the Flashpoint crossovers to the series. I wood give this series 10 out of 10 the best series of 2011.

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    Flashpoint 3 picks up immediately after the last issue. The Flash, Barry Allen, lies almost dead, covered in third degree burns after attempting to regain his powers in what was frankly the funniest way possible. Thomas Wayne, this timeline's Batman, stands at his side. The interaction between Barry and Thomas is great. Azzarello said he writes Dr. Wayne like Clint Eastwood in Gran Turino, and it shows in the main title as well. So, if you want a portrait of Barry and Tom, picture Kowalski talki...

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