the_qu's Flashpoint #3 - Flashpoint: Chapter Three of Five review

They Killed Krypto!

Flashpoint 3 picks up immediately after the last issue. The Flash, Barry Allen, lies almost dead, covered in third degree burns after attempting to regain his powers in what was frankly the funniest way possible. Thomas Wayne, this timeline's Batman, stands at his side. The interaction between Barry and Thomas is great. Azzarello said he writes Dr. Wayne like Clint Eastwood in Gran Turino, and it shows in the main title as well. So, if you want a portrait of Barry and Tom, picture Kowalski talking to a potentially delusional guy telling him he might be able to save his long dead son. The interaction is gold.
Needless to say, Barry gets his powers back in another grand scene- Barry has Tom wheel him out, in full bandage, and light him up again! Seriously, Geoff. You have to be aware of the (pitch black) humor behind this! Immediatly after this, we get two odd pages of Lois Lane meeting the British Resistance. The pages are pretty cool, but somewhat awkwardly placed. Still, the Resistance are pretty rad, as seen in Canterbury Cricket. Among the Resistance is a neat little cameo I shan't spoil. I have zero idea if this will pay off anywhere in Flashpoint, but it's neat to see a [REDACTED] character in the event. ; )
The bulk of the issue, however, is Barry and Tom teaming up with Cyborg, the only Real American Hero (TM) in this reality as they storm the mysterious Project Superman in Metropolis. This part is where the issue truly shines. It's been asked time and time again: What if Superman landed somewhere other than Smallville? IT's been done in the USSR, Gotham, Britain- twice!- and multiple other places. But none have had him land in Metropolis, as far as I know. Picked up by the US government immediatly after his landing, Superman grew up without human interaction. He is, to borrow a phrase from my highschool philosophy class, tabula rosa. He was indoctirned, as far as we can tell right now, with neither the Kents kindness nor with any sort of evil. He's lanky from malnutrion, pale from lack of sun. He isn't the Superman we know, and the art shines through.  The ending leaves me wanting more of the Flashpoint Superman, and the quite good Project Superman tie-in promises to show more of him. As for a pretty good Easter Egg during this part, check out Subject 2 in the base- my title gives it away. 
Another part of this issue that shines is Cyborg. I'm not going to claim to be a Cyborg fan at all. Frankly, I've never read much with him in it, but I did enjoy the Teen Titans cartoon in my teens. He's perfect in this issue- a real superhuman in the classical sense of being more than human. This isn't a Cyborg who necessarily mourns being mostly machine- he makes the most of it. He's a walking decrypter, wi-fi hotspot, sonic cannon. Geoff has a good grasp on the possibilities for Cyborg, and I anticipate his use in the upcoming JLA. 
All in all, this was another fine issue of Flashpoint, perhaps the best  yet. Geoff and Andy make a hell of a team.

Posted by IamRobot84

Pure awesomeness!!! I totally agree with the rating of 5 stars. this issue is worth the $3.99

Posted by blur1528

I can only assume Kara would be Subject 3 but no sight of her

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