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They Killed Krypto! 0

Flashpoint 3 picks up immediately after the last issue. The Flash, Barry Allen, lies almost dead, covered in third degree burns after attempting to regain his powers in what was frankly the funniest way possible. Thomas Wayne, this timeline's Batman, stands at his side. The interaction between Barry and Thomas is great. Azzarello said he writes Dr. Wayne like Clint Eastwood in Gran Turino, and it shows in the main title as well. So, if you want a portrait of Barry and Tom, picture Kowalski talki...

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To Mrrr or not to Mrrr 0

We're already past the halfway point of Flashpoint. The Flash, Cyborg and Batman are now on a mission to get the Justice League of the regular DCU back together. They're getting their first recruit: Superman. The Man of Steel, however, is hidden away in a government bunker.  The Good The Pacing: The story flows nicely. The exposition about the role of Cyborg in this universe is nicely handled and neatly snuck in between important plot points. This gives it a feeling of purpose, like it is meant ...

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So Much for Lightning Never Striking Twice 0

Flashpoint enters its middle chapter and continues going strong as Flash and Batman set upon the task of recreating the Justice League in the Flashpoint universe. While the issue does feature a couple of new reveals, it does also read very much like a middle chapter, covering some other things we are already familiar with via tie-ins and promotions while settling into the motions that will take us into the final act of the story.  Between this and his tie-in series which has also come out this w...

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New Trinity 0

I never would have thought in a million years that a series with The Flash, Thomas Wayne, and Cyborg would be so engaging.  Blackest Night suffered from too much carnage, too little going on, and not enough focus on character.  Here we get Geoff Johns at his best.  The pace really works for the halfway point we get enough progression and teases to make the issue a success, and it strays from the usual temptation to show more alternate versions of characters.  I enjoyed how Batman realistically c...

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Less Cyborg, more Aqua/Amazon War. (At least we see Superman) 0


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What if Superman was not raised by the Kents? 0

  Cover I had not read the Project Superman mini series so I was kind of scared that I would be lost if I did not read mini series because on the cover it says Project Superman in big fancy letters. But I was still very excited to see what Project Superman was all about. Story Batman and Flash work together to get his powers back. At first it did not work but they did not stop trying because if they gave up the world the Flash knew could be gone forever. Once the Flash got his powers back t...

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FlashPoint:Part 3 0

I enjoyed this series of FlashPoint. It was so cool that Barry Allen got his powers back and became the Flash again and Tomas Wayne:Batman helped him and got Cyborg and the team to find Superman underground.   I find this series awsome to read and everyone should pick this issue up and the Flashpoint crossovers to the series. I wood give this series 10 out of 10 the best series of 2011....

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The DC event starts to take form... 0

Ok, I admit it, I'm thoroughly enjoying DC's Flashpoint event. While not all of the tie-in minis have been good, I've enjoyed many of them and this is another solid issue in the main Flashpoint book. What I've really enjoyed is how I've started to see a bigger structure and cohesion between the main book and most of the mini-series. The bigger Flashpoint vision is taking form and I'm liking it.  Geoff Johns has handled the main book and after my first time reading the issues there seemed to be ...

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You need higher standards 0

if you think this book is good.  Like all Geoff Johns crossovers, Flashpoint loses steam in the middle.  The story is absolutely laughable.  Please check out this week's Flashpoint (and tie ins) review here:

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Great Art, Great Story and Great Event 0

What a great issue - Flashpoint is turning into on all around great event and this issue is no exception.  ARTWORK  Andy Kubert's artwork is superb.   He does not restrict his artwork inside the panel boxes.   My eyes follow the action from one panel to the next effortlessly.   In some cases the artwork is bursting out of the page.   None of it looks rushed.     One thing that I didn't like much was the character design in Project Superman.   I don't want to spoil anything by getting into detai...

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The Hunt for Superman! 0

Flashpoint continues to amaze me. I'm loving the new alternate characters and the story by Geoff Johns. In this issue ,for people who haven't read Project Superman yet, Project is revealed. It's great how this series is going and I just hope it stays this good. The Plot: In Detroit, Cyborg is being relieved from duty by the president of the united states who is saying that he isn't doing a good enough job at trying to save the world from Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Meanwhile, at Wayne Manor Barry ...

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Although not as strong this issue still delivers a hell of a blow 0

Flash Point is my favorite DC Comics event/crossover because it deals with a highly confusing concept that can be easily done horribly wrong. The whole fact that Flash isn't in a parallel was a little bit hard to believe at first but now you can't help but feel that you are surrounded in a world that's so real your captivated.   THE GOOD- the fact that Geoff johns is such a great story teller really helps in  a issue like this. The characters all have clear independent motives and the flash (you...

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Another lightning, please 0

Flashpoint # 3 - Flash is the only man who can save the DC universe and this book is about him gathering the Justice League with the help of Cyborg and Batman - again I was stunned by Johns' amazing dialogues and the story's pace, also Kubert's strong storytelling and beautiful panels make this a very nice piece of read - there're lots of action, also developments on how Barry plans to get his reallity established again! 4 of 5 starsProject: Superman # 2 - A very sick and twisted vision of what ...

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