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FLASH QUESTION: Will The Flash and his new allies be able to fix the world?


Flashpoint #3 starts in Detroit, with Cyborg asking President Obama for more time so he can assemble the Resistance and fight the Amazonians. The president declines to give him more time and tells Cyborg that their is a traitor among the resistance, and the president think it's the Outsider. The president says it's time for the U.S. military to finally intervene, that they can't just sit around and wait for the super-humans to save them. Element Woman is seen in the back listening to the conversation in fear.

In Wayne Manor, Gotham. Barry is "mummy wrapped" in bandages due to his failed attempted to recreate the scenario to become the Flash. Barry tries to try one more time, but Batman doesn't want him to because he has third degree burns on 75% of his body. Barry insists he doesn't want to forget, then a surge of new memories flash into his mind. He know remembers a bridge that leads to no where, the public reveal of Abin Sur, and dinner with his mom. He realizes he needs to move quicker before he forgets Thawne murdered his mother, his wife, and Bruce. Then Thomas helps him get to the roof for one more shot. Then the lightning bolt hits both Thomas and Barry sending Thomas flying towards the spires in his fence, and just at the last second Barry regains his power and saves Thomas from being impaled.

In New Themyscira, or what was the United Kingdom, Lois Lane is transmitting a message to Cyborg. She says that Aquaman is preparing an all-out attack tomorrow, and that will become the final battle. Then she hears Etrigan rhyme, then sees she has met up with the resistance.

In Wayne Manor, Thomas sees that Barry is recovering, and Barry decides to make his costume with the materials in the manor. Then they decide to find people they may need with Thomas' computer. Thomas and Barry rant about why doesn't Barry just go back and change everything, which Barry says he can't because he could topple dominoes like the butterfly effect. Flash tries to assemble the Justice League, but since Thawne reversed everything he also took them out of the equation. Barry has Thomas look for Superman, who's rocket hit metropolis and not the field near Smallville. They locate Cyborg who they think can locate Superman. Thomas agrees to join Cyborg's resistance if he chooses the team, and the next person is Superman, who Cyborg only knows where he is. Cyborg takes them to New Metropolis to find Project Superman who is in an underground facility two miles under Metropolis. Once they find the person who is supposed to be Superman, they find this weak, small, man who hasn't seen the sun. Then the security fires at Batman, Barry, and Cyborg. Project Superman then ditches them and flies away, leaving Barry, Cyborg and Batman pretty much to die.

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