gordon_kelly's Flashpoint #2 - Flashpoint: Chapter Two of Five review

Flash Point part 2 Review

I enjoyed this series and I find it interesting to read about the timeline change. I was in shock to see that Berry Allen was hit by lighting and was not the Flash. and the cool part was when they show a map like the game Risk about where the wars are taken place in a sea battle and the war in England.  I wood like to say this is the coolest  longest comic book series I am going to read and  also look back at it when I get old. Flashpoint Rocks.

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    Things are Picking Up 0

    Clearly this Flashpoint series is meant to be a hub for all the many, many other books in the Flashpoint series as it bounces around to different narratives.  It's also the main story for The Flash.  It picked up a bit more than the previous one and has a bit more narrative punch.  With the next one we'll be smack in the middle and I expect things to pick up a lot more.  It was revealed in the previous issue that this world's Batman is darker - actually lets people die.  I think this issue reall...

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    A must buy 0

    My knowledge of the DC Universe is limited compared to that of the Marvelverse but I do know a quality story when I read it.  Flashpoint #2 was, to quote Good Old J.R., restaurant quality all the way. I'm going to spare you a  straight recap of the actual story because I think everyone should run out and pick up this book. If you liked issue #1, then you'll love #2 and if #1 left you with a feeling of, "Eh...." then still go out and issue #2! I'm a guy whose extensive knowledge of The Flash span...

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