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Someone needs to kill The Flash

The title comes from the fact that my brother tells me the last DC reboot was rooted a Flash story as well.  I guess all publishers do that because I seem to recall that most of the major Marvel resets are caused by the X-Men.  I'm not the target person for Flashpoint.  I don't read The Flash.  I don't know the DC Universe well enough to know who all the alternate timeline people are. Oh, and I hate that this will cause the reboot.  But I figured that since I've gotten hooked into the DCU by Batman, I may as well partake in Flashpoint.  I'm not, by any means, going to get all the many Flashpoint universe books, but I'll get the main ones and the Batman ones. 
So, enough background, what's up with this book?  Well, it's the first of a series, a series that will remake the DCU, so it's a bit slow.  But it is well written and it does leave me wanting to read the next issue.  I also enjoyed finding out who's doing the opening narration.  Overall, it's a good intro to this universe and I think it's worth buying if you're into the DCU and want to know what's going on rather than being caught by surprise in Sept.


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     Cover I love this cover because we finally see that Flashpoint is here and that makes me excited. Story Barry Allen is in a parallel world and every thing he once known is not true. He is not married to Isis, his mother is still, and most importantly he is not the Flash. Best Part I did not know what this story arc was going to bring us and the Road to Flashpoint only gave us hints. So, when I finally picked up this issue I did not know what to expect. The last issue of Road to Flash...

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