jacquenette_harper's Flashpoint #1 - Flashpoint: Chapter One of Five review

Flash Fact: Flashpoint has begun

The Good

This is an interesting idea to put on this large of a scale, and I really want to see where they will take this. We got to see Barry's mom, which is something that has been a conflict in the recent Flash issues. And the differences between our DCU that we know and this one that Barry has found himself in are very interesting and I am excited to see them explored. I like seeing these new twists on classic characters, and the new characters and dynamics. Also Kubert's art on this is spectacular.

The Bad

For supposedly being this huge shocking issue, I had predicted much of what was going to happen. Even what was supposed to be the big ending "surprise" (I won't spoil if for those of you who haven't read it) had been thought of. Despite liking to see these new twists I do not want any of them to stay, (except maybe the part about his mom...) so I hope things go back to normal after this is all said and done with (except maybe some good retcons). Overall this didn't really feel like a good kick off to a big event.

The Verdict

Pick it up? Despite the negatives that I have said about it there is no question, you definitely need to pick this up and see where this new event is going!    

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