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Lots of Flash, not so much Substance 0

The Good:The new versions of the heroes. With the characters of Batman and some form of Justice League - even though being more or less an unsteady alliance - this book has plenty of interesting concepts that make it an interesting read.The art. It's nice, dynamic, modern art from a great artist. Even if this story turns out to be bad, it's at least nice to look at.It appears as if this crossover is going to be very Flash-centric, since he's basically the only one who is still is the character w...

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Will This Issue Indeed "Change Everything"? 0

Are you ready for the big event taking place in DC Comics? The word is this will "change everything." Is that actually the case? Do not flip through the book before reading! The Good   Like most readers these days, I am extremely reluctant when publishers announce the next big event. We've heard the promises before how things will never be the same. Despite having event-overload, I was excited about this. With Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert part of the creative team, along with all the teaser...

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Changes 0

Everything you know will change in a flashThe GoodOne of the main things that captured me in this book was the art. It was very spontaneous the way it made the characters expressions and emotions jump out of the page. The dialog is very excellent as well and keeps the speech of the characters flowing as you flip through the pages.The addition of all these new characters also was a good move to show how much the world has really changed.The Bad  The constant babbling from the jumbled mess of new ...

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Barry Allen, Not The Quickest Guy 0

It's finally here. Like Age of X, Flashpoint starts off by throwing us into the deep end of a reality unlike the one we know, where familiar faces aren't so familiar and with it unclear why this world is the way it is.I should say now that I'm a sucker for alternate reality stories, even sometimes when they are not done so well. Flashpoint is done fairly well, though. It is made clear in this issue that Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert have put in the effort to make the Flashpoint world a deep and ri...

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It all changes now!... I guess 0

Flashpoint speeds onto selves today (literally, the last issue of the Road to Flashpoint came out today as well) and I wasn't sure what to expect. The alternate universe take seemed like a cool idea for a few issue but not a complete event. I was concerned that too much of the plot would revolve figuring out what was going on in this crazy, mixed-up would and not enough time would be spent on stuff actually happening. Stories like this are usually very introduction heavy because you need to chal...

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And so it begins... 0

There's been so much buildup and advertising for this newest Geoff Johns event, and I have been excitedly awaiting its arrival. Well, it's finally here, and first off, I can say that I'm not disappointed. I've thoroughly enjoyed Johns' work over the past few years, as I'm a huge fan of his Green Lantern run, Blackest Night, The Flash, and others, and it looks like this event will continue the trend.CAUTION: SPOILERSThe StoryAnyone who has been keeping up with the now-finished run on The Flash by...

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Flashpoint is finally here 0

 Cover I love this cover because we finally see that Flashpoint is here and that makes me excited. Story Barry Allen is in a parallel world and every thing he once known is not true. He is not married to Isis, his mother is still, and most importantly he is not the Flash. Best Part I did not know what this story arc was going to bring us and the Road to Flashpoint only gave us hints. So, when I finally picked up this issue I did not know what to expect. The last issue of Road to Flash...

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Flash Fact: Flashpoint has begun 0

The GoodThis is an interesting idea to put on this large of a scale, and I really want to see where they will take this. We got to see Barry's mom, which is something that has been a conflict in the recent Flash issues. And the differences between our DCU that we know and this one that Barry has found himself in are very interesting and I am excited to see them explored. I like seeing these new twists on classic characters, and the new characters and dynamics. Also Kubert's art on this is specta...

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"Wonder Woman left quite the impression on me it's time I left one on her."- Captain Thunder Art Andy Kuberts art is amazing especially all the scenes with Batman all of the characters look different which is very good. Writing. This is an amazing read and is very interesting featuring altered favorites of mine (Captain Thunder, S!H!A!Z!A!M!, Citizen Cold, Enchantress, Shade(Rac) and much much more Hoppy the Marvel Bunny and Tawky Tawny too!) So the villains of this story are Wonder Woman and A...

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A whole new world. 0

Flashpoint #1/5 So when I first read this I felt utterly confused and just thrown into this whole new story arc. But when I re-read this I realized this is how Barry is feeling as well and so that changed my whole opinion of this entire issue. Okay so Flashpoint is here and a lot is going on in this issue. A lot has changed since last issue of The Flash which was released the same day as this issue. Atlanteans are going to war with Themyscerians for the world. Batman has become a much more vicio...

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Flashpoint #1 - Everything is changed Now and Forever! 0

Not a dream, not an alternate Earth, nor an imaginary tale of the Flash - this is real! FLASHPOINT will reshape the DC Universe as we know it and will leave the fate of everyone in the hands of one man. That one man is Barry Allen --- The Flash! After a recent encounter with his greatest arch enemy, the Reverse Flash, Barry is now living his life not as the Flash, but as a normal man! How will he regain his abilities and stop a war that will rip the entire planet in half? With the help of his fr...

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Awesome, and I don't even normally buy The Flash 0

To call me a Flash fan would be a flat out lie. I haven't read a single Flash comic before but in recent weeks, my two comic buddies have talked about nothing but The Flash. I got an Flash history lesson from them and became interested in Flashpoint. I have to say it was $3.99 well spent. From Barry not being The Flash to the big Batman reveal at the end, Flashpoint #1 kept me intrigued and wanting more. I have to say, if most Flash stories are this good, then I may be adding him to my pull list...

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Someone needs to kill The Flash 0

The title comes from the fact that my brother tells me the last DC reboot was rooted a Flash story as well.  I guess all publishers do that because I seem to recall that most of the major Marvel resets are caused by the X-Men.  I'm not the target person for Flashpoint.  I don't read The Flash.  I don't know the DC Universe well enough to know who all the alternate timeline people are. Oh, and I hate that this will cause the reboot.  But I figured that since I've gotten hooked into the DCU by Bat...

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A Cool Intro 0

I´m a sucker for alternate realities, I sincerely love seeing all the faces that we grow up knowing and loving, turn into different persons, different pesonalities, different backgrounds, completely different, so just for that matter Flashpoint is a winner to me - also it´s so great being able to see Andy Kubert in action one more time, I´m a huge fan of his work since he drew the line in the X-Men, doing the art for almost 5 years in the title, so it was magnificent seeing the amazing art...

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Welcome to a Doomed DCU 0

The Flashpoint event's importance was only fully revealed in the wake of the announcement of the New 52. What originally seemed to be a rather disposable alternate reality storyline with a Flash core became the last big arc for the current version of the DCU, and the predecessor to the massive relaunch. As such, re-reading this first issues seems to be illuminate quite a few things. As an introduction to the Flashpoint variant of the DCU, it offers a rather striking introduction, setting the pie...

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