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Flashmob consist of villains from Luke Cage's past which included Comanche, Spear, Cheshire, Mister Fish, Cockroach Hamilton and Chemistro. Flashmob comes after a young man named Victor Alvarez who takes on the moniker of "Power Man" when a bounty is placed on him by the Hand. A member from the street gang called the Rivals informs Deadly Nightshade the whereabouts of Alvarez as he skirmishes with Luke Cage and Iron Fist on top of a rooftop building. Nightshade sends a text to the Flashmob members and they confront the new "Power Man". Flashmob is easily dispatched by the trio and taken to Riker's Island. Comanche, Cheshire and Chemistro had to do some time since some broke parole violations or had warrants on them. The other members were released because Rand and Cage didn't stick around to press charges.

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