Will we see less and less of Wally?

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Has this been done before? I searched but found none. Maybe because it's a vague question. If it's been done I'd be grateful if you link me to it. 
My question is will we see less Wally time than Barry? I mean ever since Barry returned the only Flash I see in major events is of him and not Wally. I don't follow the Flash title so I don't know what's going on there. Is it the same in there? Just Barry all the time? Or is it like GL where the main focus is Hal but some titles and arcs still focus on Kyle? I kinda miss Wally. At least he's on rebirth though.

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Pretty sure the Flash series is only gonna focus on Barry, I mean it does so far but it might change... who knows. As for the rest of the DCU, it was made pretty clear in Flash: Rebirth that Wally had been busy with the family and all. 
I'm convinced we'll see other speedsters in the new Flash on-going but I think it'll be mainly focused on Barry... I mean they didn't "resurrect" him to bench him right after!

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