Is Flash truly the fastest character in all of comic books?

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@Demas: simple he was going so fast that he cross all universes ,an he reach the end of the multiverse,  an kept on going till only 1 remain ,which was heaven, an he had to be stop by the spectre, because no living can pass there an live
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@tensor: Yeah, Wally did that too except he went beyond time, the universe, and death and no one stopped him.  The Flashes have beaten the "Heaven Barrier" which is why The Speed Force is called Speedster Valhalla and those who enter it become immortal (which is how Barry, Max, Savitar, etc. came back).  And this is under the limitations of modern post-crisis storytelling.
#53 Posted by tensor (5095 posts) - - Show Bio
@Demas: do u have scans of this feat, or could you tell me in what issue of flash did they do this,would like to catch up on flash feats
#54 Posted by Demas (209 posts) - - Show Bio

Beyond everything is in Flash v2 #141 "The Black Flash: Part 3 of 3" by Mark Millar.
The heaven part is all over the place too many times to reference.

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Barry is the fastest in all comics. He is the only one to by himself travel thru time and dimensions. Don't need to say much more than that. Not only that but he was also in a marvel comic that was a race of all the fastest runners in the universe to see who is the fastest and bang who shows up. Mr.Allen well kinda sense he had temporary amnesia.

Quasar: Reborn to Run

In the Marvel series Quasar, the Marvel Universe speedsters are facing off in a race between the Earth and the Moon that has been set up by a being called the Runner, member of a race called the Elders. During the race a surge of energy hits the track, and leaves behind a blonde man who is dressed in the tattered remains of a red outfit with yellow boots. He retains no memory of how he got there or who he was before arriving on the track, but has a great desire to run. He does so, winning the race easily despite competition from some of Marvel's fastest speedsters. After the race is concluded he is asked for his name, but can only recall that it was something along the lines of "Buried Alien". He takes the name Fast-Forward, and soon disappears, vanishing into the universe in the hope of aiding Makkari, who was stuck at hyper speed.

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Yep. Honestly, the only character who I'd say is faster is literally SA Superman who as others mentioned broke the barriers of space and time, The Spectre had to stop him...outside of him, Flash is the fastest in all of comics and fiction.

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No. The Runner is.


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Thanks, hadn't heard of this guy before. Based on his CV I guess he could be faster than Flash...but does he run or fly?!

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@bezza: I don't know myself, I haven't read a single thing featuring this character, to my knowledge.

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There are more characters than the Flash, Zoom, and Quick Silver. in DC universe character like Spectre and omnipotent beings are faster than speed itself since Spectre comic issue #9.6 listed different speed limits comical names for example after speed is sleed which faster than speed alas slower releed which is the fastest version of speed itself. Omnipotence means all powers not every power in literal definition in matter of fact omnipotence includes unlimited level of powers so of course externals, and Spectre can run fly and levitate at omni speed.

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Quicksilver is the fastest. He runs so fast he messes with time, he doesn't use time abilities like zoom. He just moves naturally fast.

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