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..But how does one defeat the Flash? He can move, think, etc, faster than the speed of light. I realize it's possible to harm people close to him or create a scheme to take over the world or whatever that maybe he doesn't catch onto in time to stop (mind you, he can go back and forwards in time from what I understand, but that's another issue), but generally speaking he is so extremely powerful that it's hard to believe that he is in any real danger most of the time (notwithstanding confrontations with other speedsters). Like, how would you square off in a fight against the Flash? He could beat you up many times over before you have the chance to blink an eye. And yet he fights common criminals much of the time? How can that be challenging for him? 
This is in no way meant to be a flame post or anything like that. The Flash is pretty cool, and I totally respect the comic and the fans. I've even thought of buying a tpb, but this issue keeps coming back to me when I think of buying any Flash stories. What do you think? Am I worried for nothing? Maybe I misunderstand how his powers really work and he has a weakness or two I've never heard of. 

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Exactly. If the writer did it realistically, there's no way any Flash would even struggle in a fight. But that would be boring.

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