Bart, Wally..Wally, Bart what the hell was that all about.

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Okay I was rereading flash one to nine (Bart) when Bart became the flash. It is stated that he is the fastest flash, after riding the speed force back and being the only one connected to it. Now I know Wally is back, but he must have been riding the speed force the whole time Bart was the flash. So in this comic we see Bart running at the speed of “light” I say that loosely as we don’t know if he was close to it or running faster then it. Now we all know in a fight Wally would win due to more experience in fighting and the speed force. But who is fastest, was Bart just faster because he was connected straight to the speed force? But it also states that he and he alone could ride the speed force back in time to warn the earth about prime. Wally hands him the ring and tells him to go. It was late last night do forgive me if I have said something wrong, not sure about that last part… But DC just seemed to use Bart. At one moment he has aged four years and nothing is really said (I know he ages fast in the past but Wally stopped that with the speed force) and I know Bart is incredibly smart after reading all the books in the San Francisco library. But this is a long way to get to my point, Was Dc just hyping Bart up and using him making him look like the fastest man alive when in fact he was second to Wally? Who is faster Wally or Bart? And last of all did they kill him just because they could? He was brought back and it seems as if they just don’t give a damn about him!

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You'll be happier if you just ignore Bart's series.

Quoth Bart "It was no fun at all."

Quote Captain Cold "one *%*#ed up year"

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I know but it p!sses me off, bart was a good flash and was just starting so I can forgive the BS storylines. But the strugle and him finally taking the mantle worked..F@cking DC.

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Nono, Wally's the fastest. DC can't get their story straight with Bart. Wally's the fastest.

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Wally, Bart, or Barry is the fastest Flash depending on the storyline. They're all equally fast, in my mind. The difference in speed only seems to come-up when it's a plot device, nothing more. This is one of those debates in comics that will go around in circles over and over again until the end of everything, because new writers come aboard with their own twists, then you have Geoff Johns doing whatever he wants, etc. etc. ad-infinitum.

But for my money, Wally is the COOLEST, so he wins.

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I think that Barry's probably the fastest right now but Bart has the potential to be probably the best Flash when it gets to be his time....he's already capable of doing things no other speedster could do like remembering everything that he speed reads

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@RaptorFratBoy:  I think barry is cooler

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