Venom,Secret avengers and Spiderman

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i read venom #15 and after flash leaves,Giant man asks a very good question:should Captain America tell Spiderman?Well should he be hiding the fact that the Secret Avengers are using the venom symbiote to help the on their missions or the fact that his best friend is the current host.Cap trusts Spidey and he trusts him but should the greater good be more important to Cap then the friendship between them?

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@Darksider555: No cap should do the right thing and tell spidey cause anything thats is for ''The Greater Good'' never ends up in a good way.

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@Z3RO180: True story,and i cant imagine spideys reaction...

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@Darksider555: how come flash hasent been taken over by the symbiote yet?

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well,when he was working for the goverment he could only wear it for 48 hours,and since joining the Secret Avengers,Hank Pym and Beast have given his a medication that keeps the symbiote in check...

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yes it would be awesome

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He should tell, but I don't think he will. It's in the best interest of his country that he keeps this a secret.

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yes it would be awesome

I can't wait to see Spidey's reaction. Sadly, that won't happen. Not now however.

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