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       I totally hate the rewriten character of FLASH THOMPSON, now FLASH hates PETER PARKER and is jealous of SPIDER-MAN. Which is one of the aspects I love in the other SPIDEY incarnations, because Flash isn't necessarily a bad guy.  Even though his friend KONG is now SPIDER-MAN'S #1 FAN in ULTIMAE SPIDEY.

       One of my favorite aspects of the SPIDER-MAN COMICS is the guy who hates PETER PARKER greatly admires SPIDER-MAN. It's great dramatic irony as far as I'm concerned. I find it also helps to bring out those more heroic qualities in PETER, as much as he knows he can beat FLASH, he is more committed to his responsibilites, and in turn Peter admires Flash for being there for him as SPIDER-MAN when no one else is. And vice versa. (My favorite Spider-Man story? WEBSPINNERS: TALES OF SPIDER-MAN #9) Where Flash confides in Peter as Spider-Man. Even though Peter at that point had gotten into a dispute with him as he always does, Spider-Man saves him from falling and there's a synergistic moment between Peter and Flash.   

        I hope to see more of Joe Manganiello the guy who played FLASH in the 1st movie in future sequels and PETER/SPIDEY develop a relationship, now that HARRY is dead.

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yeah that dynamic was totally lost in the movie. But to be fair, he's not a big enough character to be prominently featured in a movie.

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@GERALD: Flash may not be that big but he can still be important!
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