Flash Gordon Movie Remake

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  Please watch this awesome Queen video about Flash Gordon while reading the article.
According to FirstShowing, Flash Gordon will be on the big screen once again! The Crazies director, Breck Eisner, who's been attached to the Flash Gordon remake, is now pushing to get this film off of the ground and getting it to the masses as soon as possible:

Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless are working on the script right now. We're on the second draft now. It should be in the studio in a month or two. I'm very bullish on it. But it's a giant movie and will take a long time to do.

The Flash Gordon comic, which debuted in the mid 30s, was about a man who was kidnapped and sent in a rocket to the planet Mongo by a crazy scientist. The Earth was being assaulted by meteors and the scientist wanted to find out where they were coming from in order to stop it. He ends up on Mongo and has numerous adventures and confrontations with Ming, the ruler of Mongo, and Queen wrote an awesome song about him.
Eisner wants this to be a big film and truly based off of the 30s comic strip, and not something that won't age well and will look cheesy in 10 years from now. He considers this a passion project. Not that interested? You should be. Many adventure films and characters were inspired by Flash Gordon, including Star Wars. Where do you think those famous opening Star Wars credits came from? Flash Gordon of course! There are many other comparisons along with this, but that's another article entirely. 
Sadly, we probably won't see this film for at least 3 years. We'll all just have to hold out breath... What do you guys think? Excited to see some more pulp favorites come to life?

~Mat Elfring (InferiorEgo) is a comedian, teacher, comic book writer, comic store employee and FLASH! AAAAHHHH!~
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The article is 100 times better if you play the song while reading.

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why dont you just emb a soundcode mp3 file to it?

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It's about time!

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@inferiorego said:
" The article is 100 times better if you play the song while reading. "
You aren't lying it's awesome while listing to the song
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@Voidheart said:
" why dont you just emb a soundcode mp3 file to it? "
Because the video is also pretty sweet
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"A Error occured please try later" 
Youtube made your malevolent scheme fail!

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@Voidheart: still plays for me
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If they make an updated movie they've gotta use the song again.
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I used to love this movie when I was little.  Tried watching it a year ago with my nephew and was utterly tormented at just how stupid it was.  Just wat to cheesy, but who ever played Flash could have been good for a lot of characters out there.  It's a good concept story,  and Id like to see what they're gonna do with it.
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Woooo :D
I'll only watch it if Kellan Lutz has the staring role!

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@NightFang said:
" It's about time! "
It might be nasty
ScifiChannel/Universal got the rights to Gordon, they made a tv show many months ago. I got to see a few episodes and it was the biggest pile of s*%* I've seen ever
I know people said bad things about the shows Dollhpouse or Lost but the tv show Gordon really was the biggest pile of s%*%
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I loved the animated cartoon, will be looking forward to this.

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Make the bad men stop.

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I can clip my toes nails with that song playing and it will seem exciting...

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@Aerik said:
" I can clip my toes nails with that song playing and it will seem exciting... "
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The eighties Mike Hodges adaptation of the Alex Raymond story is a stunning film, but its camp humor, written by Lorenzo Semple Jr., no less, turned off many of those media critic types. It has since become a favorite of comic movie adaptation fans. The soundtrack has its high points, too.
The animated Filmation adaptation is another recommended work with a noted memorable musical score.
It will be curious how they do this.

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The 80s Flash Gordon is one of my favorite movies. Pure sci fi fantasy fun.

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I'll patiently wait if it's gonna be done right. Not like that god awful sci-fi series. I did like what's his name from Smallville as Flash though. Everything else sucked.
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I just watched the film for the first time ever, and I have to say, it was a turkey, but at least it was a digestible turkey. I thought it was cheesy fun!

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