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Doctor Maria Flura wakes up in a prison cell, on death row. Flura is astonished , when the warden tells her she confessed to murdering Professor Lexon. Set to be executed that night, Flura begs the warden to get in touch with Jay Garrick. Flura desperately hopes that Garrick can get the Flash to help her. While on the phone with the warden, Garrick is attacked, by his girlfriend, Joan Williams. After subduing Williams, Garrick is stunned when she vanishes into thin air. Garrick, as the Flash, races to the prison. Outside the gates, Williams appears, and tries to murder the Flash. After placing Williams in a cell, the Flash speaks with Flura, who proclaims her innocence.

Flura is shown a film reel of her trial, wherein she clearly confesses to murdering Lexon. Taking a leap of faith, the Flash questions Flura about Lexon. Flura recounts the adventure she shared, with the Flash, in the Secret City. Having told Lexon the tale, Lexon decided that the Flash was an idealistic fool, and that a defense needed to be invented against the denizens of the Secret City. The Flash races to Lexon's laboratory to get a firsthand look at Lexon's invention. There, the Flash is attacked by invaders from the Secret City. The Flash is momentarily floored during the battle. As he recovers, he sees Williams coming to murder him.

In his attempt to subdue Williams, the Flash accidentally kills her. Crestfallen, the Flash resolves to turning himself in to the authorities. Before he does, though, he activates Lexon's machine. Lexon appears in the room, wielding one of the image projectors from the Secret City. Lexon used the device to project images into Flura's, and the Flash's, mind, making them believe they had murdered Lexon, and Williams. Lexon also kidnapped Williams, then sent an image of her to kill Garrick. Lexon intended to kill anyone with knowledge of the Secret City, in order to maintain the secrecy of his own actions. With the case closed, the Flash frees Williams, then provides the evidence to stay Flura's execution, as well as overturn her conviction.

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