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Comics' glittering goddess of light returns in January in an all-new series of comic book adventures! This issue features a complete 16-page FLARE adventure, by Dennis Mallonee and Sean Harrington, revealing the secret origin of the super-swift DASH, and featuring special guest appearances by none other than the explosive BLONDE BOMBSHELL and the ever-naughty BLACK ENCHANTRESS! There's trouble in store when the maniacal super-speedster rises up from his deathbed, gives the slip to his keepers, and sets his sights on petty vengeance against the unsuspecting FLARE! Also in this issue: It's a SENSATIONAL G-GIRL tie-in! Everyone knows that FLARE's wicked shape-shifting little brother is dead. But there's much, much more to his story than that. In this issue, learn what really happened to Philip Gottmann in the aftermath of the events of the Curse of the Hellfire Crown. Chapter One of "The Fate of the Demonmaster" is an all-new adventure brought to you by Dennis Mallonee, Denny Fincke, and Jeff Brennan.

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