What was the point?

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Currently Marvel has been doing a lot of things right... With the end of AvX and the beginning of Marvel NOW! the company has never looked better now that mutants are a prominent part of the universe once again.

Hope Summers has come a long way from Endangered Species up to AvX. While she hasn't always been written in a consistent manner, her role in the Marvel Universe is clear. Up to the (not-so) climatic point when she hosted the Phoenix for 5 second. All of that has made sense. What I don't get is what role do the Five Lights (or is it seven?) play in all of this?

After Second Coming it was supposed to be a big deal that five NEW mutants were located by Cerebra. Sooo.. What impact have they had being the first mutants Post-M-Day? Other than Oya/Idie's killing spree in Schism I can't really think of anything. Back when Generation Hope was still going I thought that they might be the key to bring back mutants to the Marvel U. Of course, I was wrong and all it took was for the Scarlet Witch and a Phoenixized Hope to say: "No More Phoenix".

I guess it all comes down to... What was the point of the Five Lights?

It's pretty sad that I'm asking this because I really like Velocidad. I mean he is the first Mexican X-Man since Rictor (although he might be Puerto Rican). Plus the short-lived relationship between him and Hope was exciting. The was the most diverse team and the strangest power set in the Marvel U. Yet, the team fell REALLY short... What happened? (Excuse the rant...)

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Most likely(As in my opinion) it fell short of what it was meant to do, and that's revitalize an interest in younger mutants with a new property , couple that with the story getting cut short with AvX...well it fell apart.

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