The Future of Generation Hope

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Like many people, I'm sure, I was really excited by the hype about Generation Hope #1.  After the entire Messiah Trilogy, I was intrigued by how Hope would fit into the X-Men universe with her Five Lights, especially as the big war about her was over.  Now that the first story arc has concluded, however, (I haven't picked up Generation Hope #4) I can't help but wonder where this title is going.  The first story arc itself was very disappointing, as we hardly learned anything about the mutants of "Generation Hope."  Will the title get better any-time soon, or should I drop it?  Will Hope and the Five Lights actually evolve into a team to be reckoned with, or will they just be tossed aside to deal with minor situations?  How will they fit into the already crowded X-Men universe?
I also have another concern about Generation Hope.  That concern is "Hope" herself.  I don't think that there has ever been so much attention and respect devoted to any one mutant in the history of the X-Men.  Even the Phoenix, one of the most powerful entities in the universe, wasn't treated like how Hope is being treated now.  This has shaken up the X-Men universe, in my opinion.  Everyone looks upon Hope with awe and respect.  They believe that she is their saviour, probably the most powerful mutant on earth (after all, we've even seen signs of the Phoenix within her, too.)  Next to Hope Summers, even some of the oldest and strongest mutants seem inferior.  Personally, I can't help but wonder how long this will be able to last.  How long will one character be able to remain the focus of so much attention.  In my opinion, writers will eventually have Hope sacrifice herself, in some way similar to Jean Grey, to save mutant kind.  Only then will the X-universe be able to balance out again.  Then, Hope Summers can be talked about with admiration and respect, as a legend, for generations to come (again, just like Jean Grey.)  Who knows, maybe she'll even be resurrected a few times, too.
But, these are just my crazy opinions.  What do you guys think?

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