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I noticed that three of the lights have code names listed in their alias section: Gabriel aka Velocidad, Idie aka Oya, and Laurie aka Transonic. I was just checking to see where these names were confirmed or if fans have created the names and someone is confused. Also has anyone heard names on the last two, Kenji and Teon if these names are legit?  
Also how do you feel about Oya, Transonic and Velocidad as code names? 
From various sorces online.


 is the Goddess of the Niger River. (Google define)


, velocity in spanish. (translating the wikipedia page that came up)


: Transonic speed is an aeronautics term referring to the condition of flight in which a range of velocities of airflow exist surrounding and flowing past an air vehicle or an airfoil that are concurrently below, at, and above the speed of sound in the range of Mach 0.8 to 1.2, i.e. 600-900 mph. (wikipedia) 
Primal is the name that newxfactor saw for Teon.
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I like Transonic and Oya but Velocidad reminds me of a bad Legion of Superheroes codename. I admit this is the first time I see those codenames mentioned. I mean the term transonic was mentioned in GH #4 but the others not.

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As far as I understand, they're the names of the issues they first appeared in.  These AREN'T codenames & should NOT be added to the characters. 


The characters have only just arrived on Utopia & been checked out by the X-Club.  They've barely had time to kick back and make themselves at home, let alone think about codenames. 


If Keiron Gillon wants to officially give them those codenames in the comics, then that's cool.  However, until then those are not their Aliases and therefore have to be removed :(

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Thats what I figured but I wasn't sure if it appeared somewhere that I was oblivioous to
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Speed means velocidad in spanish, it would be strange to see 2 young mutant with the same powers and nearly the same codename. It would be like calling a weather controler mutant "tormenta" wich is spanish for storm and act like if it wasn't lame...

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the only part of Velocidad I focus on is dad and that seems weird to me...
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I've seen the name "Primal" for Teon, do you like it? 
And I'm spanish and I like Velocidad as a super name for Gabriel, but I don't know if Transonic could be a supername for Laurie, I would say something that includes something blue and fying or something like blueskin even if it sound like a topic =]

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Velocidad sounds like he should be Power Pack's dad.

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@Green Skin said:
"Velocidad sounds like he should be Power Pack's dad. "

Thats funny
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Velocidad sounds horrible... too long and confusing 
Oya sounds pretty cool!! Often I've seen many religious spirtual mutants use g-ds and g-desses codenames. Indra (G-D of War) 
Transonic doesn't suit a teenage girl!! Sounds like a stipper name if anything!! She should try and find something more... suiting!! 
and Primal sounds alright. If that was his given codename!! 
If these were to be their codenames... I'm ok with all of them beside Velocidad!!
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I can honestly see all these names being their code names, I'm curious about Kenji now.

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Tentacruel... hahaha
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The title of Generation Hope 8 says "The Trial of Primal" 
Would this constitute him officially being named Primal yet or does the issue officially have to come out before the name change and alias addition can be added?
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@jordama: The issue has to come out.  Like with Laurie & the others, the name of the issue doesn't mean it's the name of the character.  It's better to get it right from the start then rename a page (which invites Bug type trouble ;)
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Okay, just making sure that that was not enough to warrent an addition to the aliases. I already deleted it once from Teon's page but wanted to make sure that I was in the right.
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Oya for Idie is pretty.
Velocidad for Gabriel is a no. Possibly  Acelerar?
Primal for Teon is pretty cool because he's like the new Beast/Sabertooth.
Transonic for Laurie is a no for me. I think something like Vitesse is nice. It means speed in French and I just chose it because I didn't know if Laurie was French Canadian but seeing as her last name is French I would guess so, but Allure or Lancer also work.

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Just a reminder, as XK pointed out, until the names are used within a comic, the names are not to be added to the character pages. And seeing how I have read all the appearances so far, I can say that the names have not been used yet. I am deleteing the names from the alias section.

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Kenji = TETSUO/AKira...that's what it should be at least

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I'm thinking they might give him an art related name, Hopefully not "Artist," or "Abstract"

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Age Of X: Universe #2
Even though it was only an 'alternate reality' (which technically wasn't an alternate reality), Gabriel gave himself the name Velocidad.  Other than that, the others aren't named after the issues they first appeared in.
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@xerox-kitty: I was JUST about to mention that. Beat me to the punch as usual. 
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given the new revelation of how his powers work I personally think Pausa or Lenta work/sound better

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Seems like those names indeed are their codenames as of GH #8, so i'm changing the pages. 
U mad?

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Grrrrr!!! Rage!!!


N'ah... not mad.  It just seems silly to drag it out this long ;p

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@xerox-kitty: KITTY SMASH!
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This shows that there aren't that many decent codenames left. Oya is a nice one though. 

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