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The Team lead by Hope is comprised of the very first mutants that developed since decimation. They follow Hope's every whim because she saved their lives and believe that she is the messiah of the mutants race.


The team was created by Matt Fraction and Kieron Gillen to be the first mutants since M-Day.

Team Evolution

The team is loosely held together by Hope. Since Second Coming, new mutants have been activating and Hope reached the first five who became her followers and formed this team. Hope trains them herself.

Light Zero: Hope

After a discussion on whether or not the events of Second Coming was worth having Hope, Cerebra picked up new mutant signature since Hope's birth a year ago. These "five lights" would be the first mutants after Scarlet Witch declared no more mutants which lead to the decimation. With the new mutants activating, Scott wanted Hope to meet them all and form the team. But before she could do this, Hope first needed to find her roots and learn who she was by learning who her family was. After she had met her Grandmother, she went along with Rogue to meet the new mutants. Because of the delay Scott had teams waiting with each new mutant to make sure that they would be okay until Hope arrived.

First Light: Laurie


Laurie's mutation was a painful process. She began to lose her hair and her skin began to change colors. She was in so much pain that Iceman and Angel couldn't bare to listen to her screams of agony. By the time that Hope arrived to make contact with Laurie, she was ready to jump of the building. As she jumped Hope went after her and grabbed her, as they fell Laurie’s mutation activated and she developed the ability to fly, along with a blue skin tone. After Laurie flew back to the roof of her building, she was so happy that she was no longer in pain that she said that she would do anything that Hope wanted.

Second Light: Gabriel


The next team member would be in Mexico. During an exam, Gabriel began to lose it and started to freak out, his mind unable to hold a thought for more than a second; his mind began to race out of control. Psylocke and Cecilia Reyes were sent to help him. Cecilia tried to sedate him but that only lasted a short while. When they reentered the room, they could not see him. Psylocke claimed that he was still in the room but was moving to fast to see. Psylocke used Cecilia's powers and made the room coated in Cecilia's shield. Unable to leave he continued to bounce around the room. When Hope finally arrived, she was let into the room and stood very still trying to figure out where he was. She was able to discover him and contact allowed his powers to be controlled, however he appeared to have aged and had a rather long beard.

Third Light: Idie


The third light lived in a small village in Nigeria. When Hope arrived with Storm, they found that the girl was being attacked by the locals who meant to kill her. Storm threatened the men and the two entered to find the girl scared and crying on the floor surrounded by ice. When they began to go near her, her powers began to get out of control and she blasted Storm. Storm was able to deflect the blast. Then she became very cold as the second part of her powers became evident. She then expressed how much she hated what she was becoming and that she wanted to die. Storm and Hope tried to convince her that she was not a monster but a treasure. Hope was able to make contact with the young girl and her powers were no longer wild. As the three began to leave, Storm told the men of the village that Idie was no under her protection, the men didn't care and instead began to fire. Idie used her powers to melt the bullets and destroy their vehicles.

Fourth Light: Teon


Teon became primal when his mutation activated. He saw the world as fight or mate. He began traveling to find someone to mate with, he was attacking the alpha females of the area he was in. He had bounced around from one country to another, Gabriel hypothesized that he was catching rides on the wheel-well of airplanes. This is the first time that most of the team is together. While in Miami, Teon finds them and wonders if he should try and mate with Hope or if he should fight hope. He decides that he wants to mate with Hope and fight the rest in the room. As he begins to attack Hope, Gabriel quickly pushes Teon against the wall. Teon punches Gabriel and Idie blasts Teon with her fire power. Teon, now on fire is saved by Laurie who gets his jacket off before he could be hurt badly. Rogue grabs Teon from behind and Hope is able to make contact with him and introduces her new title, Master.

Major Story Arcs

For more information see: The Five Lights

Fifth Light: Kenji


The final light is an artist in Japan. His powers made him lose track of what was real, he began to see himself as art and as an idea. Kenji kills his agent and goes mad; he begins to kill others in the area before Hope can arrive. Cyclops and Wolverine don't want Hope anywhere near Kenji until they can get him under control. Hope refuses and when Rogue tries to stop her, Hope gets Teon to attack Rogue. Hope tries to make contact with one of Kenji's tendrils that are everywhere, the tendril retracts before she can touch it and all the tendrils retract back into the building. Hope goes in with Gabriel guarding the building. Hope finds Kenji alone in the room and Kenji attacks her. He is somehow able to enter her mind through the tendril contact. Hope is able to break this connection and use her powers to access his; she creates an eye to see what is going on.

Then she uses his own powers against him and tries to bind Kenji to prevent him from hurting anyone else. During this struggle, Hope becomes exhausted by using her powers and faints high over the building. Gabriel is able to catch her and bring her to safety. Kenji attacks the group standing by trying to destroy a tanker; Idie uses her powers to stop the flame and then blasts Kenji with her fire. Kenji now falls out of the sky. Cyclops instructs the younger Five Lights to stay with Hope while they deal with Kenji. Cyclops has Rogue make contact and try to do what hope was doing. Kenji overwhelms Rogue, he is going mad. Kenji then collapses into a ball and becomes a huge beast. Cyclops decides that they are going to have to kill Kenji to prevent any more deaths.

When Hope finally awakens, Kenji is still out of control and is attacking buildings. She tells the others that they most save Kenji, Laurie doesn't want to risk her life in what she thinks is a suicide mission. Teon stops Wolverine who was slicing Kenji up. Idie freezes the nearby water and makes a flame wall to separate Kenji from the buildings. Hope and Gabriel climb Kenji in an attempt to make contact. Kenji is able to stop the speedster and as Gabriel falls Laurie swoops in to save him. Hope again uses Kenji's powers to attack him. She also is able to use his powers to send a message to Cyclops to trust her. She is finally able to defeat Kenji and make contact, she then passes out from the strain.

The team then heads back to Utopia and are checked out by Doctor Nemesis. Powers and personalities are quickly checked out. When it comes time to train, Hope takes them all out onto the Volleyball court and makes a gun range. The entire team is trying and even Teon eventually fires the gun at the bulleseye. The team then has to go into an Ethics class with Emma and Hope is furious and has the team storm out. Hope later goes to Cyclops to make sure it is understood that they are a team and that they will treated like one.

Sixth Light: "The Ward"


The six light activated in Germany. The team quickly were off to meet the new mutant. When they get to Germany, they find the mutant in a hospital and everyone in the building unconscious. When Gabriel and Laurie enter the radius of the build they too fall unconscious, Teon however does not. Kenji believes to be immune to the new mutants powers and uses his tentacles to allow the other members of the team to enter the hospital, sans Idie. Once inside the find everyone asleep, but not really asleep. The Team finds the new mutant and are shocked that it is actually a baby still in the womb. Hope is adamant that she still needs to make contact but the people in the hospital all are in a trance and attack. The child, scarred, lashes out and attacks the team, and eventually takes over Idie and Kitty. Kenji is able to establish a telepathic connection with the baby.

Each member of the team try to calm the baby but no attempt seemed to work, until Teon tried. The baby told him that being born was the end of the world but Teon told him that it was a new world. A world where he would "eat, fight, mate" and "live." The child was born and Hope was the first to hold him, making contact and saving everyone. The child was left in the care of his mother and they said that when he reached puberty his powers would reactivate and he could come with the X-Men.

Seventh Light: Zeeshan


The team waited for the next light to appear, when it finally did the team ran off to make contact. The only problem is, Zeeshan was with his friends when his mutation activated. His friend was cruel and this lead to Zeeshan killing himself out of desperation for what he thought his life would become. He did not know that the Five Lights was going to come and make contact and bring him back. This is the first time that the team was not fast enough to save a Light. Hope said that the team needed to be better. Not only as a team but not to retaliate against the friend responsible.


For more information: Schism

The team was enjoying a little down time and Transonic decided that she wanted to go to the new Mutant History Museum. Hope and Velocidad said that they didn't want to go and Zero was no where to be found, so only her and Oya went. While they were there, they ran into Zero and he and Transonic argued about how mutants should act. Oya wondered off and found the alternate realities room. Transonic found her there and as they were about to leave, the Museum was attacked by the New Hellfire Club. Transonic ran off thinking that Oya was right behind her.

Oya was actually stuck inside but had a telepathic link to Cyclops and Wolverine. Wolverine wanted to get her out of there asap for her safety, but Cyclops wanted her to engage the Hellfire club but said that it was up to her. Oya ends up attacking the Hellfire Club and kills 12. Afterwards she asks if she needs to kill anyone else. It is then that a suitcase that the Hellfire club left explodes and creates a sentinel unlike any that have ever been seen before. It is heading towards Utopia to kill the remaining mutants.

While the Lights are discussing if they should fight, Transonic takes the stance that Oya needs to get out before she is hurt or experiences any more trauma for Hope cause. Hope refuses this idea and tells Transonic that she isn't going anywhere. Oya agrees to stay and fight which causes Transonic to lash out and strike Hope. The two begin slugging it out. Gabriel wants to stop the fight but when he does, Primal attacks him. It is Oya who gets the team to stop fighting. Then the Young X-Men appear and the two teams talk and both decide that the are going to fight because they are X-Men.


Cyclops is stuck because he had sent all his more experienced X-Men out and all that were left are the young students. Cyclops decides that the students should fight but Wolverine is opposed to letting the kids fight. Is is even willing to destroy the island to convince Cyclops to get the kids out of there. The children initially run away but return to fight the Sentinel. During the fight, Velocidad is injured. The students, Cyclops and Wolverine are able to defeat the sentinel, but Wolverine decides that he can no longer be a part of Cyclops X-Men and leaves to rebuild the school. wolverine wants to take Oya with him, but hope is against this. Hope wants to keep the team together. Transonic tries to threaten Hope to letting Oya leave but Hope comes to the decision without Transonics influence. During a barbecue that the younger students are having, Hope decides to bring Velocidad some Burgers. She finds him in the infirmary making out with Pixie. She becomes infuriated and Pixie slaps him. Hope later asks Pixie to stay and be the team teleporter to make sure that no more lights have the same problems that Zero and Zeeshan had. She agrees and now the team is Hope, Transonic, Velocidad, Zero, Primal and Pixie.


As The Five Lights are the only mutants to emerge post M-Day they all share a unique bond, a recent aspect of that bond would be for all of them to share the same pain if a new light had died or was dying, this recently happened when they tried to get to the now deceased seventh light.

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