dark_noldor's First Wave #3 - First Wave - Book 3 review

The Golden Tree

More pieces of this puzzle are revealed, now that Azzarello decided to five Bruce Wayne a more decisive and important role to this plot - it´s very interesting seeing Batman carrying weapons as he does his crime fighting, it´s a very unnusual perspective of this character and I enjoy when a creative team dares to go beyond, that´s what happening here - also the way Azzarello managed to play with both Bruce Wayne and Batman, making them both important to the story is very good, because often we see Bruce cast away from the plot, just a co star with less importance, but here he´s playing a major role - I´m starting to like this plot a lot, of what Anton Colossi is looking after, but I didn´t like some choices of the writer, like the cops showing up and arresting Doc Savage and what´s the part of the Blackhawks in all of that, it´s still unknown if they´re hired by Anton or who else, it´s a little distracting - well, this issue focused more in Batman, leaving Doc Savage and Spirit a little behind, what was great because it allowed Rags to show more action scenes - again the dialogues and the art are awesome, but now the plot is starting to improve also, this is not a comic about action or great variety of scenes, but Morales does a terrific job to imput all the feellings that Azzarello is creating in this plot - a highly recommended issue because of the characters and the art!
4 out 5

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