dark_noldor's First Wave #2 - First Wave - Book 2 review

Many Tribes

Could this be a tale about a man that in search for doing great things for humanity, ends up only doing evil? How have the fates of Dr. Savage and Spirit get connected, by mere chance? Or is there a force beyond responsible for all things that happens, like the indians´superticions? Azzarello continues this story by holding information and releasing some steam, giving a little of action, making the pace more fast, not too much, just a glimpse to catch in the fast moves of Spirit against the Blackhawks - I´m still confused of what´s Batman´s part in all of this, since he only appears in a panel, nothing more - there´re too many elements in this plot, but now Azzarello at least reveals a little of the man running in the first issue: he´s a scientist who just run away from his project, stealing all the info, and somehow this is linked with Dr. Savage´s father. Once again the dialogues (especially the ones involving Spirit) and the art are the best thing about this issue, but the story behind all of it (the scientist and the project) is starting to build up as an interesting thing - Highly recommended!
4 out 5

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