Who's the better Firestorm? Jason or Ronnie?

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Honestly, I prefer Jason.

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Jason, never took to Ronnie so I wasn't interested in Firestorm at all until I read some JL with Jason and found myself scrambling to find issues of his series

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cant choose , they are both good, Jason is smart and can utilize his powers better but comes off as a judgmental jerk, Ronnie is a jock but also adds the everyman to Firestorm , i honestly wanna see them become a more controlled version of Fury

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I prefer Ronnie.

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I prefer Ronnie. He was the original and was a vital player before his cheap shot death. Ronnie + the Professor were a great team.

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I personally think they are both great. Ronnie can be a little cocky and arrogant at time, but then again he is not afraid to go with his gut and do something "quick" even though it can potentially be beneficial in the end. He also helps Jason bring out his anger which at times he needs to show.

Jason is the smart kid with a level head, and morals and values that he picked up from his father. All good qualities, and although he can control himself better he often takes time to think of his actions, and can also at times be hesitant to trust people (not sure if good or bad).

All in all I think they are both great and a recent fan of the superhero and with only a little knowledge of past volumes I can easily say I'm hooked and would love to see where it goes from here

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Being a Firestorm fan from way back I have got to say Ronnie. I, at one time, had a complete Firestorm collection. I could identify with this character as a kid because I was also: a.) hotheaded, b.) loved[and continues to love] science and c.) was not good at science.

I respect what they are doing with Jason, and I'm trying to like the new book, but DC doesn't make it easy.

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im curious why they have such different abilities? I thought Ronnie was the science geek and knew all the important stuff to actually use their powers but Jason can some how do all these other things that Ronnie is limited too

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Firestorm was kind of a big character back then. I have no idea why he isn't as big nowadays. Same goes with the Legion of Superheroes. Maybe because Superman is not there anymore?

Anyway, Ronnie.

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Ronnie all the way. I thought Jason was so annoying/arrogant/elitist. He got on my nerves. On the other hand, I actually really liked Ronnie a lot. (I'm talking about the New 52 title btw)

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Jason done things Ronnie wouldn't be able to do, due to Ronnie lacking in scientfic knowedge. His (Jason) knowledge level in science gives him an edge to give out better achievements such as both inorganic/organic matter manipulation. IIRC Ronnie even admitted Jason being a better firestorm than he was, due to his knowledge (I'm referring to pre-52 btw). Both them are good characters though.

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