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Lyle Byrnes was a researcher for a lab that worked in the field of pyrotechnics. One day at work an explosion trapped him under rubble. A firefighter tried to save him but was also buried by rubble. A second firefighter came in the room and saved the first fighter but left Lyle. Lyle was only saved when the floor beneath him weakened. He was thought to be dead but he survived with horrible burns all over his face and body. He became so consumed by his rage at not being saved that he set out for revenge against all firefighters or at least the ones in Chicago. He created a fireproof and fire creating uniform that would set fires all over. He even recreated the infamous Greek fire that is inextinguishable and would burn until it consumed all the fuel.


Firefist was created by Len Wein, and Paris Cullins for their run on Blue Beetle

Major Story Arcs

Blue Beetle

Firefist sets out starting fires all over Chicago and had a couple of battles with the Blue Beetle in burning buildings. He bested Beetle on two occasions but when he attacks the Chicago Museum of Firefighters Beetle manages to fight him until he falls through the roof of the building, seemingly to his death. However there was no body and his outfit completely protects him from fire. He was however unmasked by Beetle just before he fell through the roof.

Ending Battle

He later went on to battle Superman.

Only Chance Endures

Firefist faces the 3rd Blue Beetle, Jamie Reeves.

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