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Duncan Xerxes Absalom Wu Fan Cassius Draco Draconus Quetzelcoatl Gondwana Mjarl Khan Beloc-Rosenblatt Junior is a teenager who is trying to fit in with other kids his age, but this is proven difficult due to the fact that he is half-dragon and looks like a giant orange Iguana. His mother is an ordinary human, but his father is a 300 ft dragon known and leader of the Kaiju.  
The first issue of this volume has Duncan starting at a new school, Herbert Hoover High in Progress, Utah. At this school the Principal already wants him gone on the first day and he is bullied by Troy Adams. The good news is Duncan befriends Ken Rogers and develops an interest in Jenna.  
In the second issue Duncan is involved in a dodge ball match and flicks a ball at Troy because of how he hit Dre which causes Troy's face to swell and he tells his father that he can handle his own problems. Colonel Booshwa Barnes then arrives to pick Duncan up and take him to Belloc and while on there way there they are attacked by Belloc's Micronesian totem spirits which he was experimenting with. Barnes takes his leave and Belloc and Duncan go into Belloc's lair where Belloc informs Duncan that he will be tested.  
The third issue begins with Duncan doing the tasks that Belloc has assigned, such as hanging from a cliff all night and battling a beast which he lets survive which Belloc tells him he will live to regret. Troy is shown getting ready to leave for school and he is shown sticking a gun in his pants. Duncan starts his peer counseling with Ken at school and realizes just how good his life is compared to Ken's which shocks him as he comes to realizing he's just like everyone else. The Principal then informs Duncan that he as heard that there is contraband in his locker, so Duncan takes him to his locker which is opened and they discover a gun. Duncan says it isn't his, but when the Principal informs him that he could be expelled for this, Duncan lashes out in anger against Troy. While holding Troy up against the wall fire emits from Duncan's mouth, so he drops Troy and flees the school and then has a Godzilla rampage in the mountains. Ken and Jenna arrive and take him to his house which is destroyed a little and Duncan's mother is missing.  
In the fourth and final issue the police are investigating Duncan's house and say no one saw what happened. Duncan's upset and then the phone rings with Colonel Barnes on the other end of the line and he leads Duncan to some communicators so that they can keep in touch. Duncan tells Barnes that he can feel who took his mother and changes into his battle outfit and takes off. Duncan eventually forces out his wings and flies until he finds the beast with his mother, which is the same one that he spared in the previous issue. Duncan and the beast battle and things look grim for Duncan as the beast is winning until Duncan begins to breathe fire and takes the upper hand. The monster is covered with burns and Duncan is about to deliver the final strike when his mother begs him to show mercy. Duncan does as she says and walks away, but then Belloc kills the beast with his tail. Barnes then shows up and tells Belloc to go back to his reservation and takes Duncan and Margaret away. Duncan later confronts Belloc and tells him that he knows this was all set up by him to teach him the error of his ways and Belloc responds by saying it was necessary to prepare Duncan for the type of beasts that will attack him just because he is his son. Duncan then threatens Belloc saying  that he will kill him if he ever puts his mother in danger again he will kill him. As Duncan takes off Belloc says to himself "There's my boy." The comic ends with Duncan reading a  note from his mother that ends with her saying she is proud of him.       

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