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The Firebirds are Rebecca and Emily, a mother-daughter superhero duo. Rebecca, the elder of the two, who is in her early thirties, was one of the superheroes who pitched in to protect Tower City following Captain Dynamo's death. Her daughter, Emily, is approximately 15-16 years old. Both have flight and pyrokinetic  powers. There is some hostile tension between the elder Firebird and Maddie Warner, stemming from unrevealed aspects of their relationship. The Firebirds appeared in a self-titled 48-page one-shot book, Firebirds, that according to the ad at the end of Dynamo 5 #8, focuses on both the typical difficulties faced by a single mother raising a teenage daughter, and their superheroics. They came to the aid of Slingshot and Scrap during their encounter with the villain Bonechill, and were later enlisted by Scrap to replace her siblings following Dynamo 5's temporary dissolution. They are vulnerable to the pyrokinetic Firebreak, who can "steal" their fire, and who inflicted a life-threatening stomach wound to Rebecca during their time as members of Dynamo 5, but she managed to survive.      

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