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In 2003, prior to the United States occupation of Iraq, Sami supported their invasion, thinking it a "necessary evil" to help liberate his people. During the initial invasion, Sami came to realize he had powers that let him summon and control fire, but his discovery of his powers would be interrupted by a bomb destroying his house, and most of his family. 
Years later, Sami's outlook on the American occupation changed when soldiers invaded his home. Sami, fearing for his and his father's lives, decides to defend his home, using his powers. Though he kills the soldiers, his father dies in the crossfire. After the death of his father, Hakim, Sami's cousin, suggest they join the Brothers of Swords so Sami can use his powers for Jihad.  
Sometime later, the second Azrael, Michael Lane travels to Afghanistan on a mission to retrieve the weapon known as Fireball. When he comes to a small village, he finds that Fireball is none other than Sami.

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