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Fiona was a normal girl until the city of Attilan fell and the Terrigen Mists were released. It was then that she discovered that she had Inhuman ancestry and experienced Terrigenesis. After her transformation, she experienced both cyber-bullying and physical bullying and was about to commit suicide when several teenage heroes interrupted and saved her.


Fiona was created by writer Matt Kindt and artist Paul Davidson. She first appeared in Inhumanity: The Awakening #1.

Major Story Arcs


Fiona was an ordinary high school girl prior to Thanos' invasion of Earth. When he did invade, he attacked Black Bolt, believing him to know the location of his son, Thane. In an act of defiance against the mad titan, Black Bolt attacked him and caused the Inhuman city of Attilan to fall from the sky. Black Bolt's attack also charged a bomb that released the mutative terrigen mists across Earth. Individuals, such as Fiona, who had Inhuman blood in their veins went into Terrigenesis Cocoon and emerged as Inhumans.

Fiona's transformation gave her an avian appearance which initially disgusted her due to the negative comments posted about her online. She was even physically attacked by several of her brother's friends and, overcome with depression, she decided to kill herself. She flew up into the air as high as she could manage, tied her wings behind her back, and allowed herself to plummet back to Earth.

Luckily, Pixie was following her online activity and teleported to her home with Quentin Quire, Finesse, and Striker just in time to save her. The teen heroes talk her down and convince her that she isn't a freak. She thanks them and ask if they will talk to her brother, Flynn, who also underwent Terregensis and was having a hard time dealing with it. When they arrived at his room, the cocoon had hatched and a massive hole punctured the ceiling. The local news revealed that a meteor had landed nearby, but it was then shown to be Flynn reveling in his newfound powers.

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