Well, that was the most confusing thing I've ever read.

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So I just read Final Crisis on Comixology for the first time and I must say, I had NO IDEA what was happening during any of that. I had to read the plot summary on here to get an understanding of it all. It was probably one of the worst things I've ever read in all of DC history. I don't know if the cross-over issues played big parts in it but by just reading the 7 issues of FC, you have no idea what was going on. My brain hurts now. How did Mandrakk have anything to do with it and where did he come from? Like there are so many questions now.....it was just horrible. End rant.

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Yeah that was bad , it did not deserve to have crisis on it, it was a good concept but was one of those times when grant morrison failed. though the superman stuff was good as always when morrison is in charge.

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I felt that way at first. Read it over a couple of times and things get better

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Lol, it's amazing how Final Crises held a story that makes no sense without the help from a few issues and some good research.

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I finally read my hardcover of Final Crisis that I had on my shelf for like two years, and I agree that it's completely confusing. It's one of those where you have to read all the issues associated with it to really understand whats going on.

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Final Crisis is classic Morrison. In an effort to feel smarter than his readers, he only includes half the story in the actual book so he can criticize anyone who doesn't 'get it'. It's poorly written, plain and simple. It's chalk full of holes in the plot, and characterizations are awful. Superman saves the multiverse with his magical karoke machine. Batman uncovers Darkseid's plot, and his response is to not tell the JLA and instead save a special God-Killing Bullet so that he may later use a Firearm in an act of Premeditated Murder. But you know, it's okay, because he says "I'm making an acception". Personally, I've got no issues with a Hero that kills, but Batman has spent 70 years telling us that he doesn't do that. For him to pluck that bullet out of the crime scene, figure out that it's Darkseid from the future, and then go "Hey, I'll hang onto this God-Killing Bullet so I can use it later to murder Darkseid", that goes against all his characterization. Poorly written. Morrison can usually handle an ongoing, but he really blows when it comes to the crossover events.

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Yeah, I loved countdown, but when it got to final crisis itself, I was thoroughly confused. I still have no idea what Mandrakk had to do with anything.

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I'm glad I wasn't the only one who didn't know what was going on.

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