Final Crisis Time Line

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Ok  i have been trying to keep up with everything thats been going on in and around DC final crisis but it's getting confusing so does anyone know when all the comics take place. as in does batman R.I.P. happen before or after final crisis and where the one shots fall into the time stream.
#2 Posted by Point Blank (45 posts) - - Show Bio

the whole Batman RIP happens before Final Crisis

Final Crisis Requiem happens right after Final Crisis #1

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond happens after Final Crisis #3

that's all i can say right now...not really an expert at all

#3 Posted by SilverZeo (2749 posts) - - Show Bio

It's easier than to keep track of Wolverine in Marvel. But I do wish to see some other comic titles to be effected by this. Final Crisis is suppose to the like the Big Daddy of them all.

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