About to read this anything else i need to read prior to it?

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I have posted before on a few comics and i am fairly new to comics, just started reading this year and are really enjoying it. As most i started with Batman and have really liked it and have been reading Grant Morrison's stuff. So i have read RIP and i think the next is Final Crisis but is there anything i need to read prior to this. I have seen the books countdown to final crisis, should i read this? I have never read a DC comic event before so some guidance would be excellent.

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@blaze503 : Ok, first off some things need to be made clear.  
 1)  Final Crisis will require multiple rereads. 
 2)  DC events always use a wide varieties of characters and it will help tremendously to know who's who and what their back stories are. That said you do not need to read any prior books to understand the main message and story of Final Crisis. 
 3)  Stay away from Countdown. Editorial did a horrible job keeping it, Death of the New Gods, and FInal Crisis all in mind and synced together. The three books while meant to be all leading to the same story contradict each other quiet a bit.  
 4)  Stick to just Final Crisis especially  the hardcover or the trade paper back versions. If you are reading it issue by issue you will also need to pick up Final Crisis: Submit and Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 1 and 2 as they are tie ins that were included in the collected versions of FC but were originally tie in books.  
5) If you have been reading Morrison's stuff then you will have an idea of what you are in for and if you understood it then you are prepared. The best advice though for tackling a book written by Morrison is to look at his prior work and to always reread it.  
On to my advice.  Read FC now, but be sure to go back later and take a look at Morrison's JLA run and his Seven Soldiers books for more information and depth. There is a lot similarity  and foreshadowing  of what happens in Final Crisis to be located in those two books books and they will help illuminate hidden meanings and purposes within FC. Seven Soldiers is a prequel of sorts to Final Crisis but again it is not required reading. 
Did I mention reread it? Reread it. This is the first mistake people make new to anything written by Grant Morrison. You are going to miss A LOT of stuff your first time through. if something is not clear continue on and then go back after completing. I guarantee it will start to become clearer if not come here and ask questions. There are several people, myself included, that will happily explain anything that isn't quiet clear.
I hope this helps and enjoy Final Crisis. It is my favorite DC event to date and you are in for a very unique and interesting ride.
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@GamiSB: Thank you very much for the guide, really helpful, and as you say i will certainly re-read it because i have defiantly found morrisons stuff complex and well thought out.

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