twisted17's Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge #2 - Book Two review

Rogues on a rampage

The second chapter in the Rogues Revenge series is the one that stands out the most. All of their existential crises molded together, this team is one that isn't easy to break Their unity is shown right when they encounter their loyal tailor Mr. Gambi, who was found beaten to near death by Libra's fake Rogues. Even though the fake Rogues were acting all omnipotent, Captain Cold's simply straight-face "F*** You Kid!" was dynamite. The confrontation with between the Rogue Teams was very well done, particularly of Heatwave's with his counterpart. Another emotional moment was Cold reuniting with his abusive father who brought up the sad past and death of Cold's sister Golden Glider.

This has been one thoroughly enjoyable series, probably the only thing that made real sense out of Final Crisis. Loved this chapter by far and if anyone that hasn't taken the Rogues that seriously.... well you can read this series and you'll realize they're not your typical world dominators. They do what they do best, and better than anyone else, which sets them a class apart from nearly all the other villains.


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      WOW!! That is all that really needs to be said about issue two of The Rougues Revenge. On the other hand, reviews do need to be 100 words, so I will try to explain my reaction. I have been a fan of the Rougues for quite some time now. One of my favorite comics of all time was an issue of the Flash where Wally was invited to a party by the Rogues. It was explained to him, that they were mad at Barry, not the costume. Finally, here was a group of villains that actually used their heads.  This bo...

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