englentine's Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #5 - Book Five review

Finally The Finale

 Well I guess the term better late than never certainly does apply here. This is one of the most chaotic and action packed issues of a comic book I have ever seen. This series has been filled with books like this. It is a testament to both Johns and Perez that they have kept it up, and the quality has never waned. 
  There is a lot of Legion history poured out into these pages. I would say that those familiar with the book are going to get tons more out of this.  Yet you do not have to be a Legion Scholar to enjoy it.  Now, about the ending, yes there will be some spoilers so if you do not want it to be revealed do not read the next paragraph. 
  I heard some grumblings in the shop, and one person here that did not like the ending. Okay, everyone has the right to their opinions. Mine is just different. I thought it was brilliant. To strip Superboy of his powers and to send him back to his universe, which in turn is our universe, only to have his family be afraid of him because they read this mini series. I just thought that was some really clever stuff. Definitely not an ending I would suspect. 
  That alone makes this one more great book in a great mini series.

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