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At this point I gave up on the story. Hell, if Morrison isn't going to care, why should I. This entire series reminded me of a scene from Tootsie, where Bill Murray is at a party and he is talking to some friends. He tells them, " I do not want someone to tell me, Hey I loved your play. I want someone to come up to me and say, Hey man, I saw your play the other night. What the hell happened,"  There is a lot of stuff hapening here, it just doesnt make sense.


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    If "Lost" was comic.... 0

    Okay, I have read this issue, and for a awhile, I hard to to think of it. I found that the concept of the DC Universe going to hell mirrors how the bad the comic book itself has gotten, a sort of an artistic kind of thing you can expect from Morrison,  but it still seem rather empty with a hype and exceptions of almost 2 years in the making. I still feel like Morrison wrote himself in corner, expanding his ideas while forgetting the 7 issue limit (which I feel is an insult to the first Crisis ev...

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    End of a Crisis 0

    I personally enjoyed this issue quite a bit. The confrontation between Superman and Darkseid, Kal-El and Uxas, was well done and the fact that he didn't physically assault him leaving the credit for the kill for Batman. Superman was able to lead Earth's survivors in re-creating..or creating as the case may be the Miracle Machine and used it to defeat Darkside. Captain Marvel was sent to gather the Supermen of the Multiverse, and therefore made those 2 issues relevant. You also have the GLC conti...

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