guido5595's Final Crisis #7 - New Heaven, New Earth review

Fuck the Secret Invasion babies, this is where the big event is

OH MY GOD, THIS WAS SUCH A FANTASTIC ISSUE! I love the inclusion of the multiverse plotline to the Darkseid plotline. Mandrakk is scary and I loved the way Nix Uotan was used. I love the idea of Superman singing Darkseid to death and putting Kirby's world on Earth 51. And guess what, Captain Carrot and Aquaman are back. What more could you want? Doug Mahnke's art is spectacular and he should have illustrated the series in the first place although I love J.G's art all the same. Fucking Fantastic. Wins best mini in 2008 in my book.

Posted by inferiorego

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    I personally enjoyed this issue quite a bit. The confrontation between Superman and Darkseid, Kal-El and Uxas, was well done and the fact that he didn't physically assault him leaving the credit for the kill for Batman. Superman was able to lead Earth's survivors in re-creating..or creating as the case may be the Miracle Machine and used it to defeat Darkside. Captain Marvel was sent to gather the Supermen of the Multiverse, and therefore made those 2 issues relevant. You also have the GLC conti...

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