emerald_general_jai's Final Crisis #7 - New Heaven, New Earth review

End of a Crisis

I personally enjoyed this issue quite a bit. The confrontation between Superman and Darkseid, Kal-El and Uxas, was well done and the fact that he didn't physically assault him leaving the credit for the kill for Batman. Superman was able to lead Earth's survivors in re-creating..or creating as the case may be the Miracle Machine and used it to defeat Darkside. Captain Marvel was sent to gather the Supermen of the Multiverse, and therefore made those 2 issues relevant. You also have the GLC continue on it's way to aid Earth, including Sodam Yat which i def was pleased with. In the end Nix pulled together an impressive force, made up of the most powerful groups in the Universe. The Green Lantern Corps, Supermen of the Multiverse, Captain Carrot and his allies (LMAO!!), The Pax Dei, and the Forever People of the 5'th World. Nix's charachter arc ended nicely, and was quite impressive for me, making him the greatest of the Monitor's. In the end i truly enjoyed this event, much more than Secret Invasion, while it takes a momment to get it, the level of symbolism throughout the series makes it a more interesting and engaging read each and every time you read it. While maybe this shouldn't have been an "event" comic, taken on it's own merit's it's amaing. Taken along with Morrison's interviews on Newsarama's this will keep me entertained for at least another week or too as i re-read and enjoy it.


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    Okay, I have read this issue, and for a awhile, I hard to to think of it. I found that the concept of the DC Universe going to hell mirrors how the bad the comic book itself has gotten, a sort of an artistic kind of thing you can expect from Morrison,  but it still seem rather empty with a hype and exceptions of almost 2 years in the making. I still feel like Morrison wrote himself in corner, expanding his ideas while forgetting the 7 issue limit (which I feel is an insult to the first Crisis ev...

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    OH MY GOD, THIS WAS SUCH A FANTASTIC ISSUE! I love the inclusion of the multiverse plotline to the Darkseid plotline. Mandrakk is scary and I loved the way Nix Uotan was used. I love the idea of Superman singing Darkseid to death and putting Kirby's world on Earth 51. And guess what, Captain Carrot and Aquaman are back. What more could you want? Doug Mahnke's art is spectacular and he should have illustrated the series in the first place although I love J.G's art all the same. Fucking Fantastic....

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