englentine's Final Crisis #6 - How to murder the Earth review

Death Of Batman

The book opens with Braniac 5 from the Legion Of Superheroes showing Superman the "Miracle Machine.  We then see that the JLA Tower under attack, then for some reason Kalibak and Desaad have taken over members of the Marvel Family. We see Checkmate agreeing to go ahead with something called The Black Gambit. This apparently has Rene Montoya leading a peacekeeping force into another universe. Luthor and Sivannah take out Libra, and surprisingly enough Sivannah gives Luthor the final word in the subject. Barry Allen does something with Wally, but I was really to busy rolling my eyes at the fact that Barry Allen is back to really care.
  I think I have mentioned that I believe THE RETURN OF BARRY ALLEN IS A BAD IDEA!!!
Finally, we get down to why we paid admission. Batman versus Darksied, where Batman proves what Superman once said about him. "He may just be human, but he is the most dangerous human on the planet"
 Unfortunately as Batman is taking Darksied, Darksied unleashes his Omega Beams and kills Batman. I have no doubt that Batman will be back, most likely during the Blackest Knight comics this summer. Batman is just to much of a cash cow to not have him around, and to everyone but us, Batman will always be Bruce Wayne.
  I enjoyed the final part of the book. Everything we know of the DCU, I am not surprised Batman took down the big guy, and it is believable that he paid the price for it. Yet for all the goodness those final pages brought me, i feel ultimately the book is sound and fury and it signifies nothing.

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