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And somehing happens........... 0

We're at the half-way point now and nothing seems to happen so far, just the aftermath of the Anti-Life Equation set on the world, the surviving heroes and villains, more Barry and Wally moments, and Darkseid's return.I seriously doubt that Final Crisis can be summed up in seven issues, unless evil truly wins in the end as the promo stated. "Crisis on Infinite Earths" lasted for a full year and by this time in Infinite Crisis, the big twist already happened. But so far, the bad guys plan has bee...

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It did not suck 0

So after only four issues it seems like the book is finally taking off. Well maybe not taking off, as much as finally getting interesting. Well, not so much as interesting as it seems something is finally beginning to happen. Those things are events that have grown so large it is stupid that they had not been shown in the regular DC Universe books. This series was touted as the end to the Crisis books and it is not even mentioned in the regular DC Universe. So while this issue is better than the...

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