blankspot's Final Crisis #1 - D.O.A.: The GOD of WAR! review

How's It Gonna Be?

Death Destruction mayhem and a rebirth in the guise of a 1920's gangster. I love the noir undertones right now. The question is will it hold up? Back alley deals and deicide? Overall it has promising start especially considering last time we saw Orion he was commiting patricide.spoiler The Dark Side club and the crime boss persona is giving a great sinister tone to the introduction. I am not overtly sure about Libra and this giving every villain what they want line and the murder of Martian Manhunter. This idea seems slightly played out and perhaps unecessary. I am however very interested to see where they are going with the historical bridges. I do like the idea of this playing out as a cosmic crime story with the stakes being more then just a city block but the whole of the world with protection money going to every ones nightmare in a black pinstripe suit.


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