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Gorgilla is touring Washington D.C. and the Lincoln Memorial when he notices that it changes. The statue, which used to be modeled after Abraham Lincoln, switches to resemble Zarrko. Soon afterward, Zarrko pops in the picture and claims to have traveled in time to the future and made himself President of the United States. Zarrko doesn't see Gorgilla and is easily subdued. Gorgilla removes Zarrko's Time Glove and begins to push buttons and is wisked away to the distant past. He realizes that he is now on stage during a play and is being spectated by Abraham Lincoln and his wife themselves. Remembering history, he jumps to the balcony and tackles President Lincoln and saves his life. After standing up, they realize that John Wilkes Booth is unconcious, with a gun, underneath the pile. Zarrko now appears in the theatre and grabs the Time Glove back. Zarrko is warping back to the present time just as Gorgilla grabs him and is warped back with him (Zarrko). Zarrko escapes and Gorgilla is puzzled...

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