is Fin Fang Foom in Ironman 2

#1 Posted by bob agent of agency x (231 posts) - - Show Bio

Are Rumors true that Fin Fang Foom will be in Ironman 2 (as a robotic version?)? 
Will they be a cool villain battle with Fin Fang Foom? Do you think Fin Fang Foom will be the final battle? Does anybody else think Fin Fang Foom is the coolest name ever?!

#2 Posted by xerox_kitty (17338 posts) - - Show Bio

Sadly, no.  I believe that Adi Granov did a special cover with Fin Fan Foom on, and I believe that's being used in the movie as a poster.  But as for FFF himself... nope :(
#3 Posted by SuperXAsh (562 posts) - - Show Bio

Actually he is... but it's one of those blink and you'll miss things during one of the driving scenes. A big poster of him is shown briefly. I'm guessing in the MCU he's meant to be it's "Godzilla" analogue, a big movie monster of some sort.

Would've preferred a more comic-appropriate take on Foom, but I guess we'll just have to make due.

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