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Operation Boomerang

This is perhaps the most unusual story ever presented in this day and age... fiction? Maybe! ...truth? ....only time will tell!

The Making Of A Man

Gerard Miller was smaller and not as tough as the other kids around the Indiana town where he grew up! He always backed away from a fight... never dove off the high diving board, was afraid of hunting because he hated guns, shunned football because Mrs. Miller didn't want her only son to get hurt! This was the material the Army got when they drafted Gerard Miller in March, 1960! A weakling, a coward, and a mama's boy!

Chip Off the Old Block (Text Only Story)

2 Against 10,000

The pilot though ground-pounders were rejects who couldn't make the Air Force! In addition, he thought they had a nice, safe racket compared with flying a jet up in Mig Alley -- and he didn't mind telling Turk Arajanian that when the Army Sergeant voiced his own opinion of fly-boys who couldn't load a browning automatic rifle or field-strip an M1! In a word, they hated each other... but they shared a greater hate... of the enemy!







Story Arcs

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