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Fifty getting in drag after Barracuda called him

Fifty was an officer in the United States Army during the cold war being an exceptionally skilled soldier who loves violence and has no morals. Barracuda was a member of Fifty's unit and the unit overthrows the socialist government of Santa Morricone and installed the dictator Leopoldo Luna as the countries president. Fifty years later started cross dressing and has sexually abused his underlings using his rank to make those under him have sex with him.


Fifty was created by Garth Ennis in the Punisher Presents: Barracuda spin off miniseries. Fifty is one several black comedy transvestite characters Garth Ennis has created over the years and is a rather common gag Garth Ennis uses.

Major Story Arcs

The Punisher Presents: Barracuda

Fifty is called by Barracuda asking for his assistance in Santa Morricone in dealing with Leopoldo Luna and Mobster Big Chris. Fifty accepts knowing there will be plenty of violence involved and the potential of a major profit. Fifty then gets out of his army military uniform and gets in drag and catches the next flight to Santa Morricone. Fifty is greeted at the airport by Barracuda and taken to Luna's estate. Luna doesn't recognize fifty being in drag as one of the people responsible for his becoming president of Santa Morricone. Luna doesn't even realize the painfully obvious that Fifty is actually a man and greets him as a woman flirting with him which Fifty promptly flirts right back. Luna and Fifty ends up having sex that night with Luna still clueless that Fifty is a man, when Fifty goes to the bathroom he hears gunshots and realizes they are under attack.

Fifty and Barracuda watching Luna jump to his death

Fifty asks Luna if he has gun which Luna tells him is in the closet as he jumps under the bed like a coward trying to stay out of the fight raging outside his home. Fifty then proceeds to kill some of the attackers and covers Barracuda during the firefight and the two of them along with some of Luna's men defeat the attackers trying to overthrow the government. The next day Fifty and Barracuda take a helicopter flight with Luna planning to throw him into a volcano that Luna regularly tosses his enemies into. Luna surprises them knowing that Barracuda and Fifty were going to try and kill him and orders Barracuda to jump into the volcano while Fifty gives him oral sex. Fifty is outraged by this and starts cussing out Luna who threatens to kill him brutally instead of quickly if he doesn't give him a blow job. Barracuda then tells Fifty to show Luna his Penis which causes Luna to become confused. Fifty then flashes Luna which causes him to freak out and jump out of the helicopter right into the volcano and died which shocks and amuses Fifty and Barracuda.

Fifty and Barracuda then talk about the old days not aware the pilot is landing the helicopter after being threatened on the radio about being shot down.When the Helicopter lands Fifty and Barracuda are greeted by Big Chris and the army of Santa Morricone who he paid off and are attacked outside the President's estate. Fifty and Barracuda fight back and manage to get inside the estate. They form a plan and manage to slip back outside after Big Chris and his army is attacked by the CIA. As Fifty is running towards the helicopter he is shot repeatedly. Dying Fifty tells Barracuda that he'll cover him and stays behind dying to cover Barracuda's escape.

Skills and Abilites

Fifty rallying Luna's troops

Fifty is a general in the U.S. Army and trained in a variety of weapons and is quite knowledgeable of combat tactics. Fifty spent most of the 1980's in covert missions fighting communists in the cold war and overthrowing government's like Santa Morricone. Fifty is able to stay cool under fire and give commands and motivate demoralized poorly trained troops to get them to fight with the authority he has that comes from years of experience of giving commands in battles. Fifty is show to be Barracuda's go to person whenever he needs back up and believes he has bitten off more then he can chew.

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