FF #8

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The Good

FF continues to be a ray of sunshine in a stack of comic books. Matt Fraction has made this series an entertaining comic packed with humor. Mike Allred's style fits in perfectly and maintains the vibe Fraction's stories sets up.

But this isn't just a silly book meant to bring a smile to your face and a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart. Throughout the entire series, Fraction has been setting up several plot lines and this is where we start to see them all ripen. There's often been heavy undertones amidst the fun and goofy parts and it's almost surprising when you see the serious parts pop up.

Normally when a series is packed with numerous characters, they can often get lost in the shuffle. Sometimes a book can become too convoluted with so many characters but each character gets plenty of 'screen time' and it all blends together perfectly. The changing of scenes doesn't feel like an interruption and the action and suspense gives it a nice frantic and exciting feel.

I've professed my love and admiration for Mike Allred's art in the past. Each panel has such a vibrant and energetic feel. Laura Allred's colors makes you wish you could physically devour each page. But let's be honest, as great as it looks, eating paper can't be too healthy for you plus you'd be out three bucks.

The Bad

I love this comic so much. This is what makes comic reading so much fun.

The Verdict

Action, suspense, humor and a bunch of doom and gloom makes this one of my favorite series to read. Matt Fraction and Mike Allred have created a comic that has just about everything you could want in a comic. You never know what's coming up next. Just when you find yourself in the middle of a fit of laughter, you see the dark elements crawling beneath the surface. There may be a light-hearted feel to this book and all the characters but there is clearly some dark tidings coming along. This is the kind of comic I love to read. It has a great story and great art enhanced with so much variation throughout. More comics need to bring the entertainment, laughs and suspense like this series does.

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A highly entertaining issue once again. also i really feel sorry for Alex but honestly he had it coming..

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@mutie199: Yeah, that was pretty brutal in a way.

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"The Bad

I love this comic so much. This is what makes comic reading so much fun."


Reminds me of the one's that i used to pick up in the 90's that were from even earlier (70's ish?) Action, suspense and humor describe them perfectly.

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I see this book every month and am so tempted to pick it up, there just isn't room in the budget...

Well, not unless I make some. Fingers crossed.

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@hawkguy: thats only like 3 extra lighters you need to sell near the subways

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@hawkguy: If you like Fraction, you'll love this! :D

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When I first saw this title I thought I'd hate it. When I first read it, I wanted to hate it. Now it's one of my favourite books.

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Love this book so much! Question though, on the final page is that Nate from Young Avengers? After all he is technically Kang...

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@g_man I'm surprised you didn't mention that

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