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Im a huge fan of the FF series but the last 2 issues have been meh at best. I understand they are doing this because the fear itself storyline is going on and FF had a one shot tie in. But they couldve made it 2 issues and put it as issues 6 and 7 of the series instead of this. If they wanted to have this a storyline then make it q limited series rather then waste our time. If they had done that then it would have been better. What was wrong was....the first 5 pages had one thing said, which we barely could read it. Yeah the issue of fantastic 4 after Johnny's death had no dialogue for almost the whole issue but that was in a good way. The plot was a little confusing. Again should have been a atand alone and shouldve been replaced with the fear itself arc.


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    I'll make no secret of the fact that I'm not a fan of the Inhumans. That being said, imagine my disgust at realizing an entire issue of FF (a series which I'm still unsure of) is devoted to alien polygamy nonsense. Keith71_98 said it best in his review- 'a story about the return of Black Bolt should be a big deal, but it lacks any significance'. This issue reads like filler; not just filler, actually, but filler that the creators were obligated to make and dragged their feet throughout the entir...

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